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Terms and conditions of participation in a Silent Dinner:

You agree to read the guidelines for the evening, and to make sure everyone in your booking group has read them. Guidelines are available on the homepage of this website. 

You understand that the Silent Dinner is a performance art event, hosted by artists. The meal is supplementary to the performance. 

On booking, you are obliged to provide us with any allergies and dietary requirements for everyone in your booking. 

The event will be photographed for documentation. If you do not want to appear in the project documentation, you are able to take a red ribbon on arrival and wear it around your neck, and we will know not to use recognisable photographs of you. If you do not wear a red ribbon around your neck, you grant release of your image to be used in relation to the Silent Dinner project without restriction. 

If you take any photographs at the event on the camera provided by the Silent Dinner organisers, you release the full usage rights of the images to the organisers without any restriction. 

You release the organisers of all liability for anything that happens as a result of participation in at a Silent Dinner party. 

The tickets are non-refundable. If you wish to transfer your ticket to another person, you must provide us with the contact details and dietary requirements of the guest attending in your place 72 hours before the event, so we can cater for them. 


All monetary contributions are on a donation basis. 

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